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Acknowledge. Act. Adapt

Fatigue Risk Management for Residents, Leaders, and Policy makes in Canadian Postgraduate Education.
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Fatigue is an occupational risk in medical education that impacts residency training and workplace health and safety, with potential implications for patient safety. Successful management of fatigue risk is a shared responsibility, and can be summarized through the following principles:

1 Acknowledge

wellness matters

2 Act

Tools are available
to foster change

3 Adapt

It’s our responsibility
to make a just culture

Tools for Policy Makers

The tools below are intended as non prescriptive resources to support the local development of an institutional or program-level policy for the management of fatigue risk in postgraduate medical education.

Case Studies

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FRM Policy Template

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Fatigue Risk Register

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Individual Fatigue/ Sleepiness Scales

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Impact of Fatigue

of fatal collisions involve driver fatigue.
of sleep deprivation is comparable to a 0.10% blood alcohol level.
of all resident errors were caused by fatigue.
IOM, 2009

Fatigue Risk Management


The FRM Toolkit Resource is the first national resource for Canadian postgraduate medical education. Non-prescriptive in nature, this toolkit will help to foster guidelines within your own institution.

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